I’m a regular user of Visual Web Developer 2005. Because I cannot add a C# dll project to the Visual Web Developer ASP.Net project, I always hated to put code in a DLL, because I cannot step-through debug that code. But by accident I discovered that you can in fact debug that DLL code from your ASP.Net project!

In a Nutshell:

When you want to debug a dll that you used in a asp.net project, it is quit simple. You only have to remove your copy of the exiting DLL in your bin folder. Then add the debug version of the DLL straight from the Debug folder of the DLL project, using the built-in “add reference” function of Visual Web Developer 2005.

You should noticed that there is a new file in the Asp.Net project bin folder, called the name of the dll, with .refresh behind it.

Now when you debug, your asp.net project, just break near the function call that break out into the dll code. And by using “Step Into” you simply “step into” the dll code, Visual Web Developer 2005 will automatically open the source file of that function and gladly step through the DLL code as if that project was part of the current project.

After Visual Web Developer 2005 loaded the other DLL project’s source file, you can now add breakpoints in that source file. All functionality like the hover-value-view feature work for the DLL source file.

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