The next version of MS Windows may be free… 1

The next version of Microsoft Windows may be a free version with no licensing… or not!

But there is a group of individuals who thinks it may be possible to write a windows clone, that will look and function just like Windows. But they need a support base!


This OS has been in development for years, but this task is a bit bigger than just a part time hobby project! Also you need coding skills that you don’t just pick up doing casual coding. So they are now taking the option of crowd funded development seriously (I also call this “World Funded”). This way they will be able to work on it full time!

Awesome Factor

This Windows clone is really awesome, it will run all your favourite Windows software natively! It will not require something like Wine at all. So when it is stable, it will be possible to switch to a free Open Source operating system (just like Linux), but with out the steep learning curve!

If you are a full-time Windows user, and you have ever tried to use Linux, you will understand that it is not easy. You really have to start over, learning of the most basic things you figured out while people still referred to you as a “child”! Like how to edit a simple text file! (Because you need elevated permissions that is also something we Windows users never worry about.)

Bottom Line

Don’t change your software, change your Operating System!

But these guys require every Windows user to offer them one dollar (1$) and they promise to make your next Windows upgrade a free one (for life!).



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One thought on “The next version of MS Windows may be free…

  • Someone who knows it's possible.

    Having used ReactOS I would say that these people who “… think it may be possible to write a windows clone …” are right. It IS possible.
    So please help ReactOS out.
    The Campaign needs money, but it also needs more publicity. (So thank you for making this blog post.)