I’m a regular user of Visual Web Developer 2005. Because I cannot add a C# dll project to the Visual Web Developer ASP.Net project, I always hated to put code in a DLL, because I cannot step-through debug that code. But by accident I discovered that you can in fact debug that DLL code from your ASP.Net project!

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The next version of MS Windows may be free… 1

The next version of Microsoft Windows may be a free version with no licensing… or not! But there is a group of individuals who thinks it may be possible to write a windows clone, that will look and function just like Windows. But they need a support base!

MSI B75IA-E33 Drivers & Utilities Explained

I just started building up a new HTPC for my lounge, and one of the things that everyone hate is bloatware! But how would I know what is bloatware and what is a super-duper features that I would be a fool about if I didn’t install it? So I’m doing […]

Screenshot of Update Address Details

Oracle EBS r12.1.3 – Address Purpose Db Tables 3

We know that Oracle has a funny sense of humor, to constantly switch the way they design their table structures used in Oracle EBS. I recently had to stage the details that is displayed when you update an Supplier Address’s detail, and had a hard time finding the table structure […]